Woman Happens To Adopt Dog She Was Forced To Give Up As A Child

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A woman unknowingly adopted her childhood dog that she was forced to part ways with years ago. Seven years ago, Nicole Grimes from Pennsylvania, had to give up her precious dog Chloe, who was given to her by her late grandmother.

Nicole was 10 years old when her grandmother gave her a sweet puppy named Chloe. "She was wearing a pink bow when Nana gave her to me. We were best friends," Nicole recalled to BBC. Four years later, when Nicole was 14, her dad got a job working from home. He quickly found that Chloe's incessant barking distracted him from his job in customer service.

The family made the tough decision to part ways with Chloe. After having no luck at finding her a new home, they brought her to the local animal shelter. 

Though Nicole harbors no anger towards her parents, she told TODAY, "I was really sad because I loved the dog." In the years that followed, Nicole never stopped thinking about Chloe and always remembered her childhood dog's birthday as being October 26th.

Now 21 years old, Nicole is married and has a 4-month old daughter and she and her family had been thinking of adopting a dog. She and her husband were planning on waiting until their daughter turned 1 year old to adopt a dog, but two weeks ago, she came across a Facebook post from a friend regarding an elderly dog who was looking for a new home. Nicole couldn't get over how similar the dog looked to her beloved childhood dog.

"It just reminded me of my old dog. So I decided to take her in," Grimes said. Nicole soon discovered that the dog was named Chloe like her childhood dog and was 11 years old, which is how old her childhood pet would've been. 

The dog even had a similar disposition as her childhood dog as she was very sweet and energetic. The only real difference in the new dog and her dog growing up was that the new dog seemed smaller and did not have teeth. 

Nicole took the dog to the vet to have her microchip scanned and learned that the dog was, in fact, Nicole's beloved Chloe. "I feel like I won the lottery," a very happy Nicole said about the unlikely reunion. "I never thought I'd see her again."

In addition to feelings of joy surrounding the reunion, she has feelings of relief, because she learned that the dog spent most of the last seven years living with a sweet elderly couple. When they died, the dog went to live with a neighbor, who happened to be Nicole's Facebook friend who sent out the post to which Nicole replied.

What a paw-sitively happy ending!


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