Watch: Very Smart Dog Walks To The Store To Buy Himself Treats

Dog owners know firsthand that dogs are pretty clever creatures. But, this pooch may just take the cake when it comes to being clever. 

Pituco is a very intelligent dog who resides in Brazil. Like many dogs, Pituco loves his treats. But unlike most dogs, the clever pup has figured out how to get the bags of treats from the store all by himself.

On almost a daily basis, the dog will walk from his house to Agro Pet, a veterinary clinic nearby that also sells pet food and supplies. Once he arrives at his destination, he loads up and puts the bag of food in his mouth. Then, he heads back home happily carrying his groceries. 

"Everybody knows Pituco. His food is on the top shelf, so we have to hand it to him. He barks until we do," Argo Pet's vet told The Dodo.

Then, Agro Pet will put everything the dog grabs onto a tab that the family will come by to pay at a later time.

The clever dog doesn't just grab his own food either. When Pituco's family needs food for the family cat or bird, they will call ahead of time to ask for the food. Then, the shop employees will hand the dog the goods and the happy-go-lucky pup will carry his fellow pets' food back home. 

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