Watch: Rebellious Little Dog Sneaks Out For A Late Night Adventure


Having a dog is a lot like having a kid. They grow up right before your eyes and like children, they go through rebellious stages. Well it seems like that was the case anyway for a dog in Vietnam named Va.

 Va lives at home with his family and while his family is sleeping, Va likes to sneak out and embark on some late night adventures. Va's owners usually lock him in for the night, but after setting up a surveillance camera, his family learned that their little dog is quite the escape artist.

Va's family posted the footage shown below of the dog jumping up and then squeezing his way through a tiny opening on a gate meant to keep the dog in. Va left once the coast was clear at about 10:10 pm according to the timestamp on the camera. 

2 hours and 40 minutes later, the loyal pup returned home, jumping back through from the other side of the gate. It's quite a remarkable feat as shown in the videos. He seems to channel his inner cat to make the great escape. Va's family seems to think it's just a rebellious stage no different than a defiant teenager. In fact, the dog's family thinks he probably snuck out to visit with some friends according to The Dodo

It seems that Va's family is now going to have to up their security to keep their very clever and rebellious pooch safe and sound.

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