Watch: Dog Watches Horror Movie And Tries To Warn Characters Of Danger


Khalessi the brave dog loves watching horror movies. In the incredible video above, Khalessi the bulldog intensely watches "The Conjuring," a very scary and suspenseful movie released in 2013. 

You know that feeling when you're watching a scary movie and you want to yell at the characters to warn them about the danger around them? Well, Khalessi feels the same exact way as evidenced in the video above. 

As Khalessi watches, she barks loudly whenever she senses the children in the movie are in danger. According to Khalessi's owner, when the bulldog watches horror films, she "always tries to protect any potential victims from harm" and is "especially vocal when children are in danger." 

Check out the clip above and make sure to pay attention to what's going on in the film as Khalessi is watching. When there's a suspenseful part and or something threatens the kids, the dog gets vocal fast. Khalessi is just more proof that dogs are practically human.

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