The Force Is Strong With These Dogs

In "Solo: A Star Wars Story,"  a young Han Solo and his crew were chased by two vicious beasts down the dangerous streets of Corellian. These bloodthirsty hounds were not created using CGI movie effects but were actually real life dogs in specially made costumes!


Check out some behind-the-scenes of the hardworking pups below:

The American Humane Association rated the film 'outstanding' for the professionalism and careful treatment of the dogs on set. The trainers dressed in soldier costumes holding the dogs on leashes. 


The headpiece consisted of a snug fitting muzzle-like harness and a large soft outer piece. The soft headpieces were placed on the dogs at the last moment. The dogs were able to open their mouths freely with a muzzle-like harness and were able to eat while wearing the headpieces. The film crew also made sure to install mesh to allow the dogs to see through the costumes. The trainers worked with the costume team for six months prior to filming.


Kudos to the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" cast and crew for treating their pup actors well and with the same respect as their human actors. The pups were transformed into some convincingly vicious beasts for the movie and we'd say their acting was pretty doggone great. Check out the end results below! 



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written by

Cristina Villalon