Terminally Ill Man's Dying Wish to See His Dog Granted by Hospital

A terminally ill man's dying wish was granted when the hospital let his dog into the hospital room one last time before he passed away. 70-year-old Peter Robinson, who was suffering from fibrosis of the lungs, was a loving grandfather to 35 grandkids and five kids of his own. He was also a loving and doting father to a sweet Border Collie named Shep. 


"Him and Shep became best friends. My grandad got him as a companion after my gran passed away nine years ago. We got Shep later that year, to give him company," Peter's granddaughter Ashley Stevens told People. 

The Ninewells Hospital staff in Dundee, Scotland allowed the dog to visit Peter last Thursday and that is something that Peter's family will be "eternally grateful" for. Peter's granddaughter Ashley took to Facebook to express her family's gratitude for the hospital's gesture. 


"Absolutely amazed and touched today from NHS Ninewells Hospital. Our grandad's last and final wish was to see his dog one more time. Still in shock that the wish was granted and they went above and beyond today and made a dying man very happy," she wrote in a Facebook post. "You don't know what this meant to our granddad." 

Ashley told People that her granddad and his dog had quite the incredible bond. In fact, not only did Peter miss his dog but Shep expressed how much he missed his human dad when Peter was taken to the hospital. "He was being taken to the dog groomers and my auntie passed my granddad's street. He barked so much because she didn't turn into his street to take him home." 


Shep is now being taken care of by Peter's son and though the dog will surely miss Peter, it's bittersweet that the two got to reunite one last time before Peter's passing. 



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Katelyn Buck