Service Dog Is Elated To Meet Pluto At Walt Disney World

Atlas, a sweet service dog, had his dreams come true during a magical trip to Walt Disney World. The golden retriever was visiting Disney with his owner Julian Gavino and was so excited to meet the Disney character Pluto. Atlas has a Pluto stuffed toy back at home and it's one of his favorites that he "loves so much" according to ABC News. 


When Atlas and Julian were visiting Walt Disney World on Friday, the dog got to meet the life-size version of his toy and it led to lots of tail wags and licks! The adorable encounter is captured in the video above.


Julian, who has a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, was paired with his service dog Atlas via New Horizons Service Dogs, a nonprofit organization in Orange City, Florida whose mission is to provide trained and certified service dogs to assist people with disabilities. 

Atlas with his favorite Pluto toy (Julian Gavino)

When Atlas came into Julian's life, he greatly transformed it for the better. "He’s given me back my independence," Gavino told The Dodo. "He gets my clothes in the morning, helps me get dressed/undressed, opens/closes drawers, opens/closes doors, pulls my wheelchair, wakes me up if I pass out, and retrieves items for me."


Meeting the life-size version of his favorite toy is a memory Atlas will always have. It was certainly a special moment for the remarkable service dog and was special for Julian too, who loves seeing Atlas happy.


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Katelyn Buck