Watch: Race Car Driver Sacrifices A Win In Order To Save A Dog

While competing in the Constalica Raylle Vouzela, a race in Portugal, race car driver Carlos Matos gave up any chance of winning the race in order to save a pup.


According to The Dodo, Matos was approaching a corner at 90 mph when all of a sudden, he saw a dog who had somehow wandered onto the course. Matos quickly slammed on his brakes and spun the car to a halt in the nick of time and thankfully the dog escaped unharmed.


Though Matos lost the race that day because of his actions, he wouldn't change a thing. "The dog was not very big, but in this life not everything of value is. Those who know me know I have great admiration for animals," Matos, who has five dogs himself, told the race's organizers. "If it happened again today, I would do the exact same thing."



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written by

Katelyn Buck