Loving Dog Nurses Newborn Kitten Someone Threw In The Garbage


A very sweet dog in Greece gladly helped nurse a newborn kitten some evil person threw in the trash. 

A couple of weeks ago, Georgia Spathoula was taking out the trash when, upon reaching the dumpster, she discovered something tragic. Georgia found a kitten tied in a bag hopelessly and frantically meowing for help after someone left it to die. 

According to a Facebook post, Georgia took out the kitten and sought out her neighborhood dog, who had given birth recently. The sweet and gentle dog willingly nursed the little kitten.  

"Fortunately, nature has made sure that animals are more tender than humans," Georgia's Facebook post read. 

Thankfully the dog with the benevolent smile was so willing to help out her little furry friend. What a wonderful lesson the dog's actions can serve to us to be kind and spread kindness for kindness is the greatest wisdom and oftentimes, it doesn't cost a thing. 


Written By: Nina




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