Heroic Dog Saves Hikers Being Chased By Grizzly Bear

According to CNN, some people hiking in Banff National Park in Canada were being chased by an enormous grizzly bear when a very brave dog stepped in and saved their lives. 

Kenzie Campbell was hiking a mountain with his girlfriend, another friend and Momo the dog. They didn't get very far when they walked around a corner and then saw a bear. They backed away slowly, but the bear followed and charged at them.

"At this point, the bear was 15 feet from my girlfriend and the dog was barking and growling, so I let the dog go and she distracted the bear while we ran," Campbell told CNN

It took them about thirty minutes to make it back to the parking lot and on the way back, they called 911. When they arrived at the lot, Parks Canada Emergency staff was there. They were safe inside a truck when Campbell shot the video shown above. 

Thankfully Momo is  safe and needless to say, the pup got lots of petting and praise for her heroic actions. Campbell is looking after the brave shepherd-husky-lab mix for her owners until the paperwork gets in order and goes through for her to live with her owners. 

Momo's owner, Samantha Emmons, said she was scared when she got the call about her pup, but she wasn't surprised when she heard about her dog stepping up to save her friends.

"She's a pretty protective girl so it doesn't surprise me," she said. "She is also the fastest dog at the dog park." 

We are glad Momo and her human friends are all safe, but for the future, keep in mind these helpful tips for encountering bears and other wild animals when hiking with pets. If you come across a bear, try not to run and consider investing in bear pepper spray to deter a charging bear. 


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