21 Amazingly Unique Dog Costumes For This Halloween 2018

1. Adorable Little Scoundrel Dressed in a Mouse Costume

small dog costume rat

2. Doggo Stormborn of the House Canine, First of Her Name, the Unmarked, Queen of the Park and the Besties of Men, Ruler of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Leashes, and Mother of all Dogs

danaerys dog costume small

3. Howdy Pawtner! A Classic Toy Story "Woody" Costume

cowboy toy story dog costume

4. Best Kisser Goes To This Chocolate Labrador 

hershey kisses dog costume labrador

5. Kentucky Fried Doodle

goldendoodle dog costume kentucky fried chicken

6. Spa-dog-ghetti 

pasta dog costume

7. Clean up on Aisle 9! 

dog costume mop bucket

8.  Swamp Monster Attacks!

dog costume alligator

9.  King of the Beasts Demands Some Treats! 

lion dog costume

10. Deep Diver Doggo: Mission Impawsible

scuba dog costume

11. Three-headed Doggo

three headed dog costume chihuahua

12. Bumble Doggo is Ready to Rumble

american bull dog bumble bee dog costume

13. Adorable Beanie Baby Samoyed

beanie babies dog costume

14. Eat Mor Chikin!!

cow dog costume

15. Energizer Doggo 

energizer bunny dog costume

16. Pop Goes the Yorkie!

popcorn dog costume

17. Hypnotic Frog Dog Costume

frog dog costume knitted

18. Wow! A rare Rhinoceros has been sighted!

rhino dog costume shar pei

19. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Dog

spider dog costume black labrador

20. Well-behaved Cookie Monster!

cookie monster dog costume

21. Bantha and Rider Dog Costume for Star Wars Lovers

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written by

Cristina Villalon