Grateful Dog Kisses Firefighter Who Rescued Him


A dog stuck on the roof was furry grateful to be rescued by a firefighter and showed the heroic firefighter his gratitude with lots of slobbery kisses. The dog named Jasper managed to get on the roof of his house through an open window on the second floor.


Wells Maine Police received calls from concerned citizens regarding the dog being on the roof. One onlooker stood by with the dog until the authorities could get to the scene.


Captain Nawfel used a ladder to climb up to the roof before Jasper planted some sweet, wet kisses on the firefighter. Captain Nawfel got the dog to safety by putting him back inside the house through the window the dog had initially climbed out of. 


Jasper was very appreciative of his rescuer and so were his owners. According to People, Jasper's owners stopped by the fire department after the rescue to give Captain Nawfel and the other firefighters a thank you card for rescuing their adventurous husky. 

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written by

Katelyn Buck