Girl Snuck In Her Grandma's Beloved Dog To Visit Her In Hospital

 21-year-old Shelby Hennick, an animal loving vet technician in California, was shocked to learn that her grandma, Dona, had almost been left paralyzed because of a bad reaction from her medications. Shelby and Dona are very close and she often visits her grandmother at her home, especially since they live no more than 20 minutes away. 

Shelby told "She was unable to walk for two days and would fall over...unfortunately my grandpa is hard of hearing so he wouldn’t know she had fallen until hours went by and she was on the floor."

Dona was taken to the hospital. After residing in the hospital for three days, Dona's family figured Dona was missing her beloved dog, Patsy, she's raised for 13 years. So perhaps, they thought, to cheer Dona up, it would be nice to take Patsy in to see her. 

"It was actually my mom's idea to dog-nap Patsy, I just happened to be passing her house when she called so of course I was gonna do it," Shelby told

Shelby explained that the bond between her grandmother and the dog is very strong: "She got her dog, Patsy, when she was only a couple weeks old, she had to be bottle fed and fit in the palm of her hand. She’s had her for about 13 years now so it’s a pretty strong bond between the two!"

Since animals aren't necessarily allowed in hospitals, Shelby wrapped the pooch in a blanket so that nobody could see and carried her like a baby.

"My sister had a baby about a year ago so I think my grandma thought it was him because when I walked in she went 'Ohh you brought the baby' and then I put Patsy down on her lap and she was so surprised! Patsy kept crying and couldn’t get close enough," said Shelby about the surprise.

"I was really happy we were able to pull it off, and I’m sure it made her day."


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