Watch: Family Drives 16 Hours To Rescue Dog From Crowded Shelter


One Canadian family went above and beyond to rescue Joyce, a dog who resided in the Front Street Animal Shelter for the past two months, where she looked on with sadness as she watched people pass by her cage to rescue her fellow canines. 

On May 31, the Front Street Animal Shelter, located in Sacramento, California, announced in a Facebook post that it had a crisis as it was "extremely crowded" and they had "run out of space." When the Canadian family saw this, they decided to drive to Sacramento, California all the way from British Columbia, Canada to adopt one lucky dog. 

That lucky dog was Joyce. According to the caption posted on Facebook with the video shown above, Joyce was at the shelter for two months, where she almost gave up hope. But her luck changed when the Canadian family decided to make the long drive to save a life in the time of crisis. Joyce, as shown in the video above, couldn't be more elated to finally have a forever family. 

If you're interested in adopting a furry friend, consider the Front Street Animal Shelter, where adoptions are free throughout the entire month of June to help save as many animals as possible and get them to the forever homes they deserve.

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