Dog Owner Discovers Hot Dogs Stuffed With Razor Blades In Her Yard


A woman in Saskatchewan, Canada made a shocking discovery when she took her two dogs, Pandora and Ophelia, out to do their business. 

"It was super nice out so I decided to sit on the front patio while they go do their business, until I noticed my border collie Ophelia sniff a piece of meat that was in the yard," the dogs' owner Emma Medeiros told BuzzFeed Canada

Upon further examination of the meat in her yard, she discovered several pieces of hot dog stuffed with razor blades. Medeiros was horrified. "I don't think I have ever been so shocked in my life. It astounds me that someone would want to hurt my precious dogs, or any dog in that manner." 

Medeiros uploaded the video shown above of her horrifying discovery to her Facebook page and warned fellow pet owners to check their yards. She has also contacted the authorities and her local humane society. 

"It could have been someone's child playing out front and not knowing any better and sticking that in their mouth," said Medeiros. "It's terrible to think of."


Written By: Athena


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