Watch: Dog Swims Into Water To Rescue Drowning Baby Deer

A very good dog named Storm was caught on video swimming into the water to save a struggling baby deer from drowning. Mark Freely was walking along a Long Island beach with his pups Storm and Sarah on Sunday when a few minutes into the walk, Storm spotted something in the harbor and jumped into action. 

Freely began filming  when he realized that Storm was trying to drag the baby deer back to shore to save the fawn's life. Storm was able to safely drag the helpless deer to shore with his owner yelling words of encouragement along the way. 

According to Fox 13 News, once the deer was back safely on land, Storm looked after it until a veterinarian and a member from Strong Island Animal Rescue arrived. The fawn is now being treated and is expected to make a full recovery thanks in part to the incredible rescue efforts from Storm, who is a very good boy! Watch the amazing video showing heroic dog Storm rescue the fawn below! 



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