Sweet Veterinarian Sings To Scared Dog To Comfort Her Before Surgery


Ruby, a sweet dog, was visibly nervous before her routine spay surgery. She was whimpering and anxiously running around in the kennel. Dr. Ross Henderson of Fox Hollow Animal Hospital was the veterinarian set to perform the surgery on Ruby. When he saw how nervous and anxious she was, he knew just the thing that would calm her nerves. 

Henderson took out his guitar and then sat down on the floor next to Ruby and began playing and singing the classic Elvis Presley song "Cant Help Falling In Love." The sweet gesture worked. Ruby calmed down and lay her head down on Henderson as evidenced by the video below.



"It was a special moment," Henderson told TODAY. The 28-year-old veterinarian has always wanted to be a vet and he's always loved to play music. Now, he combines his two passions to help animals who come to the hospital. 

Henderson likes to sing to and serenade his furry patients, because he thinks the music, loving and attention help the animals feel safer and much more at ease while they're at the hospital. And that's the least he can do in his opinion to help our furry friends considering how much unconditional love they give us. 

"They just love us like crazy," Henderson told TODAY. "You can't repay for how much they give to us." 

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