Stray Mom Dog Leads Rescuers To Her Babies She Was Hiding

Betty Boop the dog was rescued by Pinky Paws ResQ. According to the rescue, many people in the community near Fowler, California had seen her living on the streets but didn't see her puppies. The dog had actually been traveling a whole two miles every single day from a small city into the country where she kept her puppies. She would look for food in trash cans during the day, where many witnesses saw her.  

After several attempts and slowly gaining the trust of Betty, rescuers was able to take her to the vet, where they were told she was nursing and had recently had babies. So, it became their mission to find Betty's puppies and rescue them too. Krystle from Pinky Paws ResQ played puppy sounds on her phone and the dog walked her 2 miles out and then stopped at an abandoned farmhouse. The pooch led Krystle and rescuers inside to discover the puppies – all ten of them.  

It's quite amazing how Betty trusted Krystle and the rescuers from Pinky Paws ResQ after such a short period of time. Betty was believed to be abandoned by humans, but even after her abandonment and the cruelness she experienced from humans, she trusted the rescuers enough to lead them to her babies. It just goes to show how full the hearts of dogs really are and how they are givers of unconditional love. Check out the video above from The Dodo to watch Betty's rescue and the rescue of her puppies. 


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