Sneaky Dachshund Loves To Steal Household Items From His Family

Flynn the adorable dachshund loves to play games. In fact, one particular game Flynn loves to play involves taking things around the house that don't belong to him when his family isn't looking.

The four-year-old dog has gotten quite good at stealing things when no one else is looking. "He loves the challenge of taking things he's not allowed to have. It all started when he was a puppy, but he never seemed to grow out of it," Francesca Emmingham, Flynn's pawrent, told The Dodo

Flynn's list of treasures he's managed to get a hold of include silverware like forks and spoons, bowls, cutting boards and even the television remote control. Luckily, Flynn doesn't tend to attempt to chew or eat any of the items. Rather, once he gets the goodies, he sits somewhere and proudly shows them off while holding them in his mouth.  

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written by

Katelyn Buck