Senior Dog Missing For Five Days Found Alive Completely Buried In Snow

Sophie the senior dog is a survivor! The 13-year-old Yellow Labrador went missing from her family's home in Maine on Thursday, January 4th while her family was outside plowing and shoveling snow according to News Center Maine


When Sophie's human family discovered their precious pup had disappeared, they frantically began searching for her. Albert Silver posted a plea on Facebook asking his friends and the local community to keep an eye out for his family's missing dog.

The Facebook post was shared over 2,000 times and led to the community searching for the dog in the extremely cold weather. The Silver family, their neighbors, friends, animal control and the local community spent days looking for the dog. 


But after 5 nights of no sign of Sophie, Albert and his family couldn't help but think of the worst possible outcome. "We looked on foot and by snowmobile and by car. We were pretty convinced that she had gone somewhere to die." Albert Silver told News Center Maine. 


Miraculously, on January 9th, five nights after Sophie first went missing, someone saw Sophie's head popping up above a giant snow pile. Sophie had somehow gotten buried in the snow close to the Silvers' home and had managed to survive from January 4th until the morning of January 9th when she was discovered. 


Sophie's family took action quickly upon Sophie's discovery and plowed her out of the snow. They were shocked and overcome with joy to discover her alive. When taken to the vet, it was discovered she had lost 5 pounds but otherwise was relatively healthy considering her scary ordeal.


Currently, Sophie is back at home and staying warm. Sophie's family is overwhelmingly grateful for all of those who helped them find their precious dog. 

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written by

Katelyn Buck