Rescue Dog Still Likes To Sleep In Cardboard Box

When it's time to go to sleep, Captain the dog has an assortment of comfy beds to choose from. But, when bedtime rolls around, Captian chooses to sleep in a cardboard box. According to the Detroit Dog Rescue, where Captain was taken in last November, the cardboard box "is the only way he'll sleep because it's the only way he's ever slept to feel safe." 

According to The Dodo, Captain was found on the streets of Detroit in search of food. He was found in bad shape. He was hungry, sick and had on a red collar. Since last November, Captain has resided at the Detroit Dog Rescue, a no-kill rescue and rehab center determined to save homeless, abused, forgotten and misplaced dogs in Detroit.

According to Kristina Rinaldi, the Executive Director of Detroit Dog Rescue, despite all Captain's been through, "he is super sweet." Rinaldi believes that sweet Captain chooses to sleep in a cardboard box because that is how he has felt safe in his past.

Though not much is known about Captain's past, Rinaldi is sure that Captain has had a difficult life and she hopes for him to have a second chance at a better life going forward. Rinaldi is pushing for lovable Captain to get adopted into the family he deserves where he feels safe and loved. And in the meantime, she and her team at Detroit Dog Rescue will provide "endless cardboard boxes" if it means helping Captain to feel safe at bedtime. 

"We can't fix that they were dumped, they were discarded, they were mistreated, and they mistrusted at one point in their life. We can't fix the nights they were left in the rain, the times they had to find refuge and sleep on cold concrete, and they will probably never forget what it felt like to be hungry so many nights in a row," wrote Rinaldi in a Facebook post. "I can't erase all of those memories, but as a team at Detroit Dog Rescue, we can give them a future."

If you want to perhaps give Captain the future he deserves, here is Captain's adoption listing on Detroit Dog Rescue's website


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