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Dog lovers tend to share their attention, homes, beds and even the food we eat with our four-legged friends. I mean, how can we resist those puppy dog eyes? Dogs are like our children. But, unlike human children, dogs cannot eat many foods that are perfectly healthy for us humans. 

In fact, many of the foods humans eat can cause dire health issues with dogs, some of which could be fatal. On the other hand, there are people foods dogs can eat that may actually benefit their health and allow for a longer life span. 

Before giving your dogs foods you eat, read on to determine which foods are safe for their diet and which you should avoid feeding your dog (no matter how hard it may be to say no to their innocent, begging eyes). 


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People Foods Dogs Cannot Eat


1.) Alcohol


Do NOT give your dogs alcoholic beverages and food products that have alcohol. Alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, tremors, coma and even death. If you think your pet has consumed alcohol, immediately contact your vet or the Animal Poison Control Center. 


2.) Chocolate


 Chocolate contains methylxanthines, found in cacao seeds. If your dog gets a hold of chocolate, even just a small amount, it can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. In large increments, chocolate can cause irregular heart function, seizures and even death. 


3.) Coffee & Caffeine

Coffee also contains methylxanthines and so is dangerous to your pup. It causes hyperactivity in dogs and abnormal heart rates.


4.) Ice Cream

ice cream

In theory, it sounds like a sweet treat for your pup, but dogs don't digest dairy too well and so it should be avoided.


5.) Almonds


Almonds, particularly salted almonds, are dangerous for dogs as they increase water retention. They can also tear the windpipe if not chewed properly.


6.) Macadamia Nuts


These are a huge no-no for dogs. Macadamia nuts are some of the most poisonous foods for dogs. Dogs will develop weakness and an inability to walk, especially in their hind legs. They may also experience vomiting, depression and hypothermia. 


7.) Cinnamon


Cinnamon can make dogs feel sick and can lower a dog's blood sugar. 


8.) Grapes/Raisins


Grapes and raisins can cause rapid kidney failure. Dehydration and a lack of an appetite may also result from consumption of these foods.


9.) Onions


Onions can damage red blood cells in your pets, causing them to be less mobile and become weaker.


10.) Garlic

Garlic can lead to anemia in dogs, causing side effects like pale gums and a faster heart rate. It, like onions, can also damage red blood cells. So, treat your dog like a vampire and keep the garlic away from them!


    People Foods Dogs Can Eat


    1.) Turkey


    Despite what many people think, turkey is an acceptable meat for dogs to eat. Just make sure, it is plain and not covered in any kinds of seasonings. Also, be sure the meat does not have bones (which are potentially fatal for dogs and their intestines) and that it's not covered in excess fat and skin.


    2.) Peanut butter


    Peanut butter is a great source of protein for your pet. The best kind to give them is unsalted and raw as it does not contain xylitol, an ingredient that is very dangerous for dogs.


    3.) Cheese

    cottage cheese

    Cheese is another food dogs may consume much to people's surprise. Like with people, if your dog is not lactose intolerant (yes dogs can have this) cheeses are okay to feed your pooch. It is best, however, to go with low-fat cheeses such as cottage cheese. 


    4.) Pork/Ham


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    Pork (and ham) actually contains protein that can be helpful to your dog. But, it is not recommended in high doses as pork is high in preservatives and sodium. So, limit giving any kinds of pork to your dog. A few scraps here and there wouldn't hurt, but it's not recommended to give them too much pork in their diet. 


    5.) Fish


    Fish is healthy for dogs, particularly salmon, as it's packed with protein. Always make sure the fish is cooked fully and the bones are picked out. Be extra careful with cooking the fish. It's okay to feed your dog this food in moderation. 


    6.) Peanuts

    Peanuts are safe for dogs to consume occasionally. But, avoid the salted kind.


    7.) Cashews


    Cashews are okay for dogs, but they must be unsalted and they can only be given to the dogs every once in a while.

    8.) Yogurt


    Yogurts that are plain and do not contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners can actually help the dog's digestive system.

    9.) Pasta 


    Pasta, so long as it's cooked, is okay for your dog to consume, but only every so often. 




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