Officers Rescue Freezing Puppy Left To Die

Officers from the Daytona Beach Police Department discovered a poor shivering Pit Bull puppy under a bridge in the frigid waters of a river. They took care of the dog later named River and helped nurse her back to health. If they hadn't discovered her and taken quick action in caring for her, the poor little pup would likely have frozen to death. 


River was found after someone called the Daytona Beach Police Department alerting officers that the puppy was seemingly left to die in a river under a bridge in mid-January when the temperature had fallen to below freezing. 

River captured the hearts of the DBPD and was eventually taken home by one of the officers at the department, who fell head over heels for the sweet and spunky pup. Officer Kera Cantrell fell in love with River and the feeling was definitely mutual!


Thank goodness for the Good Samaritan and the officers for taking part in River's remarkable rescue. A story that began with an awful act of humanity in leaving poor River to die ended with some incredible heroism from several parties involved to save the dog's life.




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written by

Katelyn Buck