Newly Adopted Dog Saves His 6-Year-Old Human Sibling From Drowning


One very good dog saved the life of a 6-year-old boy who got swept away by the current of a river. According to Camp Verde Bugle, the rescue dog named Yeti was with his human family at a picnic outing at Wet Beaver Creek, Arizona when the boy fell into the river and got swept down toward the falls. 

The one-year-old pit bull mix, who was adopted by his family three weeks prior to the outing, rushed into the river after the six-year-old boy named Fallon.

"It was too cold, they weren't supposed to be swimming, and Fallon fell in the river and got swept down the river toward the little falls. All the adults were running to him and couldn't get to him - the dog got to him and pushed him up to shore," Tommy Lennox, Fallon's dad, told Camp Verde Bugle

"I was just yelling at Fallon that the dog's saving you, grab on to the dog. The dog literally pushed him to the person that was closest...He's Fallon's best friend." 

Though Yeti joined the Lennox Family just three weeks prior, Fallon and Yeti had already grown to be friends and after Yeti saved Fallon's life, their bond has only strengthened. And for being such a good boy, Yeti was rewarded with an Angus hamburger and a sausage for dinner that night. Good boy, Yeti!


Written By: Chesnut


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