Lost Dog Reunited With Family After 9 Months In Idaho Mountains

A lost dog named Mo was incredibly found safe after surviving nine months in the Idaho mountains during a brutal winter with record high snowfall and the lowest winter temperatures in nearly 100 years. The 14-year-old deaf, senior Chesapeake retriever is now back with her owners who are elated to have her home.

In September of 2016, Mo and her owners, Darwin and Cindy Cameron, went on a hunting trip. "The day she went missing the other guys took off and went hunting and I had to run to town to get a part for a broken water pipe {and} Mo was asleep on the couch and I came home and the grandson of one of our hunting partners had opened the door to play ball with Mo and when Mo realized I wasn't there, she took off to find me," Darwin Cameron told Good Morning America

The Camerons spent months in the area fervently searching for Mo. They got some leads, but they led to dead end after dead end. After nine months of no Mo, a miracle happened. 

According to KTVB, Mo was found collapsed and covered in fleas and ticks near Horsehoe Bend in Idaho and brought to Cheri Glankler, who has been rescuing dogs for nearly twenty years. 

Glankler posted about the dog on Facebook, which led her to the Camerons. 

"I couldn't believe it, I could not believe that a dog of that age made it through winter," Glankler said

When Darwin and Cindy Cameron got to Glankler's house, a happy and emotional reunion ensued. "I looked at her and said I think you have your girl back and tears just poured down Cindy's face," said Glankler. 

The dog was found with flea and tick marks, bite marks, scratches and had lost 50 percent of her body weight. She has since gained some weight and is walking a little better according to her owners.

It's truly remarkable how Mo managed to survive the coldest and harshest Idaho winter in years. Clearly, she was doggone determined to get home to her beloved owners! 

“Even here when I would take her out on a lead, she was searching. She knew who she was looking for. She’s incredible,” Glankler told the Idaho Statesman about Mo's determination to find her owners. 

The Camerons are just happy and grateful to all those who helped in getting their Mo back home sweet home.

"The sheriff’s office, the hunters who set aside their tags and their hunting trips to help look for a lost dog," Darwin Cameron told the Idaho Statesman. "Boy, we’re blessed to have her back."

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