Lost Dog Rescued After Being Trapped For Six Weeks On Mountain

After seeing reports from people who thought they had heard the cries of a dog somewhere in the mountains of Colorado, Trinity Smith was determined to try and help the dog.

Trinity drove and hiked up the mountain more than 14,000 feet above sea level to see if there was a lost dog in need of some rescuing. Then she heard it – the clear sounds of a dog barking.

She fervently searched for the dog but was unable to find the pup. So when nightfall came, she decided she would come back to Mt. Bross the next morning with her friend Sean Nichols.

"For three hours, I climbed up every chute, trying to keep myself from creating massive rock slides, calling for the dog and right as we were about to head back the dog finally gave a faint bark, giving away her location," Sean told The Dodo

The pair of friends discovered the dog on top of a rock. She was clearly starving and seemed to be on the last few days of survival. Sean and Trinity held the dog in their arms and carried her down the treacherous mountain to safety.

The Dodo

Sean and Trinity were shocked to discover the back story of the starving dog they had rescued. The dog named Chloe had actually survived for six weeks in the dangerous mountains. The 14-year-old dog had run off while on a walk with her owner close to Mt. Bross in the middle of August. In past instances of Chloe running off, she had been able to find her way back home, but this time she didn't.

Chloe's family was devastated. After weeks and weeks of looking for her, they thought she was gone forever. But, remarkably, Chloe overcame her harsh surroundings. She was found alive by Sean and Trinity weighing just 26 pounds down from her normal weight of 90 pounds.

Chloe's family found out pretty quickly that Chloe had been rescued and immediately rushed over to pick her up.  

"We were at the local grocery store for less than five minutes before the owner came barging in to see if this was his lost dog," Sean told The Dodo

It's been just a few days since the day Chloe was rescued but the dog has already made strides in her recovery. 

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