Insta-Famous Bulldog Comforts Lost Chihuahua His Dad Found In Traffic

Earlier in the week, Micha Porat discovered a little chihuahua in the middle of the road looking frightened and alone. Porat alerted cars on the road of the dog darting through traffic and finally with the help of a bystander, was able to catch the little dog. He took her home with him in hopes of finding her owner. 

Upon arriving home, Porat and the chihuahua were happily greeted by Porat's own fur baby, a sweet insta-famous 2-year-old french bulldog named Gomi. 

“My dog fell in love with her,” Porat told CBS. “It was pretty cute. They got along really well, actually.” Porat took good care of the chihuahua (even letting her sleep in his bed along with his bulldog Gomi) all while searching for a possible owner. 


Luckily, the search for the chihuahua's owner was successful thanks to Gomi's large following on Instagram. Porat posted about the lost chihuahua on his Instagram account hoping one of Gomi's followers would be able to provide some help.

Soon, Porat got messages from people who actually recognized the dog. Her name was Osita and it turns out her owner was fervently searching for the pup, who is partly deaf and suffering from cataracts. Gustovo Briand, Osita's owner, told The Dodo that Osita got loose out of the garage around 10 blocks away from where she was found. Briand and friends searched for the dog until 3 a.m. that night and couldn't find her. Briand then posted all over social media which was how Briand connected with his dog's savior Micha Porat. 

Osita is happy to be home with her dad, but her dad says she misses her new french bulldog buddy Gomi. We are just happy the scary tale turned into a happy ending thanks to the power of social media! And we are sure that Osita and Gomi will keep in touch! 


Written By: Pearl 


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