Heroic Dog Saves Her Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Ruby the 3-year-old trained therapy dog communicated a life-saving message to her owners on the evening of January 19th. 


According to People, the Pit bull, who is well-trained and typically doesn't bark often, started to bark and whine continuously.


"Typically she only barks for one reason, and that's if someone is at the door," Ruby’s owner Ronene Ando told WIVB.com. Ruby barked and whined for approximately an hour and a half before her humans knew something must have been up. Sure enough, when Ando went downstairs, she smelled propane gas coming from the garage, which resulted from when Ruby's owners Ronene Ando and Christopher Hall recently installed a propane heater in their New York home. 


Thankfully, Ruby picked up the scent and alerted her owners before the carbon monoxide poisoning was able to set in.


"Thanks to Ruby, everyone's okay. [Pit bulls] are very protective of their owners," Ando told Fox about her heroic pup. 


Ruby was trained to be a therapy dog through Paws for Love with the SPCA, but she does not have any rescue training so her humans believe her life-saving behavior was a result of a dog's intuition.


Ruby's owners know Pit bulls tend to get a bad rap, but she wants people to know that they are great dogs if they are treated well. 


"They are really amazing dogs provided that they are trained well and kept busy," Ruby's owner told WIVB.com


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written by

Katelyn Buck