Heroic Dog Finds Family Cat 2 Months After House Fire


A little over two months ago, Christine Marr received devastating news while she was at work. Her home had gone up in flames. All she could think about at the time were her precious pets including her dog Chloe and her two cats Smoke and Ringer. 

Firefighters told Marr they had found Chloe lying on the floor in the bathroom. According to Marr, this was where Chloe would go when she was feeling scared. “They found her lying in the bathroom because that's always been her safe zone, so that's where she ran to during the fire,” Marr told The Dodo.

Chloe was rushed to the vet right away. At the time, the firefighters didn't have dog oxygen masks on hand so they had to try using a human oxygen mask before rushing her to the vet. Thankfully, the dog made a full recovery after some time. And because of this experience, the Fire Chief made sure the surrounding fire departments in the local area were equipped with pet oxygen masks for cats and dogs for future cases like this one.


Sadly, while Chloe made it through, this was not the fate for Marr's two cats Smoke and Ringer. Firefighters discovered Smoke in the house deceased and Ringer was nowhere to be found, leaving Marr and firefighters with the impression that Ringer too had died in the fire.

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written by

Katelyn Buck