Golden Retriever Gives Birth To Rare Green Puppy

A dog owner in Scotland was shocked to discover her golden retriever gave birth to a green puppy. 

According to The Sun, a green puppy was born last week to a three-year-old golden retriever named Rio. Rio gave birth to nine puppies and when one of them came out mint green in color, Rio's owner Louise Sutherland was quite stunned to say the least. 

The green occurrence is very rare and is only known to have happened three times before in the world. It's casued by a bile pigment called biliverdin, which is found in the placenta of dogs and can stain the puppy's coat when it mixes with the mother's amniotic fluid–the fluid that protects the momma's pups.

The lucky green puppy was fittingly named Forest.  

"It was all hands on deck but then as the puppies started to arrive, we noticed that one of the puppies had green fur. We couldn’t believe it," Sutherland told The Sun

"When we checked it out later we found out it is very unusual and to do with the placenta. The colour has faded quite a bit already and will be gone soon, I’m told." Forest's green color is expected to fade within a few weeks, but his name will be a reminder of the pup's very unusual birth. 

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