Firefighter Makes Daring Rescue To Save Dog Stuck On Mountain Ledge

 One very brave firefighter risked his life to rescue a poor dog trapped on a ledge of West Rock Mountain in Connecticut. Park staffers noticed the stranded dog when they heard barking coming from the mountain. No one quite knew just how the pup ended up there. 

The rescue involved efforts from the Woodbridge Regional Animal Control and the Woodbridge and Hamilton Fire Departments in Connecticut. According to The Dodo, first, they had to gain the nervous pup's trust, which involved lowering down treats to the dog so that the firefighter could get close enough to touch the dog and attach a harness to lower him down. 

 The Staffordshire and pit bull mix eventually allowed himself to be rescued. When he reached the ground, he was remarkably not injured. The dog was without a microchip or any other form of identification so, for now, he is being called "West" in honor of the mountain from which he was rescued.

Ashley Sakelarakis, an officer with the Woodbridge Regional Animal Control, told The Dodo that West "really wants to be with people" and that "he's a good boy." 

Since no owner or leads have thus far come forward regarding West, he will be ready to start looking for his forever home in the next couple of weeks. 

We hope West gets adopted by a loving family and that he doesn't end up on any dangerous cliffs or mountains anytime soon.

If you would like to find out more information about adopting sweet West, you can click here.


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