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Elderly Dog Abandoned In Wet Field With Some Belongings And A Note


Tessa, a sweet 12-year-old dog, was found tied up in a field behind bushes, with her bed, some dog food and a note written by the person who abandoned her that claimed it wasn't his dog and that he doesn't need a dog. 

According to the note left with the poor dog, when Tessa's owner moved to another country, she decided to leave her dog with her neighbor. But, her neighbor, who had initially agreed to take car of Tessa, also made the decision he didn't want to keep Tessa and then dumped her off in the wet field.

Tessa was found and taken in by Alan Webster, who is in charge of South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance, a 24 hour ambulance service for pets. When the rescuers arrived for Tessa, she was exceedingly grateful. 

According to the latest update from Alan Webster and the South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance, the man who dumped Tessa has now been found, but it's still undetermined whether or not charges will be filed. 

As for Tessa, she has been picked up by Dogs Trust, the UK's largest dog welfare charity with 20 centers in the UK and one in Dublin. She will be up for adoption soon, where we hope she will be given a second chance at a loving family who won't give up on her.  


Written By: Charlie 



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