Dog Spotted In Texas Lugging Bag Of Dog Food After Hurricane Harvey


A golden retriever mix was spotted roaming a Texas neighborhood carrying a big bag of dog food in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. According to Today, the dog named Otis was spotted by a local resident Tiele Dockens, who was driving with her loved ones to inspect the damage from the storm. Dockens shared a picture of the resourceful pup on Facebook, which quickly went viral. 

It turns out the dog got frightened by the storm and took off for about four hours. Otis returned home safely to his owner with a big bag of dog food. The dog's owner, Salvador Segovia, told NBC News that his pup probably got the bag of dog food from a local lumber yard down the street. 

Otis's neighborhood was part of the nearly 300,000 homes without power from a storm that has caused massive flooding. 

The dog, who took matters into his own paws to ensure he'd be fed, has become a symbol of the resiliency of the Texas residents in the wake of destructive Hurricane Harvey. 

It's not just the humans who have to be resourceful but the canines as well!


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