Dog Found Living On Streets Has Remarkable Transformation


A senior dog who was living on the streets in India was so sick she could barely stand up. A rescue organization in India called Animal Aid Unlimited got a call about the dog and promptly took action to find and rescue her. Upon discovering the dog, they found she was extremely weak, could barely even manage to lift her head when they approached her and suffered from severe mange. 

Rescuers offered the senior dog named Helen food in order to slowly attain her trust and then they covered her with a blanket so they could carry her and take her off the streets to get her the help she so desperately needed. 

Helen was in so much pain that she would cry out upon the slightest touch. The dog was in bad shape and rescuers knew they needed to act fast. They treated her with antibiotics to soothe her excruciating pain, gave her lotion to help with her skin and gave her fluids through an IV to keep her hydrated. Helen's soul was crushed and her hopes were still down.

But, after she got some rest, care and a whole lot of love, Helen's spirits were lifting. By day 10, she was starting to show signs of improvement physically and emotionally. Her skin was healing and the scabs were coming off of her. She was eating food and growing stronger. 

After several months, Helen miraculously healed and was a completely different dog thanks to the wonderful people at Animal Aid Unlimited. When Helen nearly gave up hope, the rescuers refused to give up on her. They showed her the love she deserves and it made the world of a difference. Watch the video below to see Helen's incredible transformation. And to donate to the wonderful organization and help other animals like Helen, click here

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