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Dog Who Lost Her Cat BFF Was Depressed Until She Got 4 Foster Kittens

Flora, a 100-lb Malamute, was down in the dumps after losing her best feline friend named Dexter. When the dog's family adopted Dexter, a 20-year-old cat, two years ago, Flora immediately befriended him. When Dexter passed away, Flora took it especially hard.

"Flora was very worried and sad," Flora's owner Jill Williams told The Dodo. "She paced around and whimpered. She spent a lot of time outside and did not want to come in. She would howl, which she rarely does, and it broke our hearts." 

Flora's family tried everything they could to soothe Flora's pain. They adopted two cats, but the felines weren't fond of cuddling with Flora like Dexter did. Flora was still down in the dumps until the family decided to foster kittens.

As soon as the kittens stepped foot in Flora's house, the dog's demeanor changed. After a couple of days, Flora and the kitties became acquainted during which Flora's spirits were visibly lifted.

"All four of them immediately walked over to her, completely unfazed by her larger than life appearance. Iggy was the first brave boy – he went right up and sniffed her nose. She gently brought her face down to meet his. He did not flinch or hiss. She got this huge smile on her face and the other three came trotting over to say hello," Jill told The Dodo

The kittens and Flora formed a sweet, mutually-beneficial relationship that allows Flora to be given a new purpose in life and helps the kittens to prepare for their new homes. 

Although Flora will surely miss the kittens, who are all up for adoption at Best Friends Animal Society, Flora's family is set to get more foster kittens that will be nurtured and prepared for adoption by the family and their gentle dog Flora the kitten whisperer. 


Written By: Fiona




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