Camera Catches Dog Starting A House Fire By Stealing A Pancake

A dog stealing pancakes left on the stove started a house fire in a Massachusetts home. In the video shown above, a Golden Retriever is trying to steal some pancakes on top of the stove before accidentally hitting the ignition button on the stove while the owners were not home. 


Just minutes later, a fire begins to burn and smoke fills the room triggering the fire alarm. The sneaky Golden and his innocent Golden Retriever pal can then be seen jumping on the couch watching the stove become ablaze from afar. 

Thankfully, the owners had a network monitoring system. When the smoke detector went off, it alerted the police and fire departments. Officers arrived at the house moments later and turned off the burners.


The Southwick Fire Department posted the footage online and advised people with pets and young children to consider investing in safety covers for stove controls and also cautioned against leaving items on the stove.


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written by

Katelyn Buck