Boy Graduates High School With His Service Dog

Tyler McCready

Tyler McCready has Type-1 diabetes, which means it is imperative that he diligently monitor his blood sugar levels. A few years ago, Tyler had a scary episode where he slipped into a coma since his levels were so off. So, his family decided to get some help for Tyler. That's when Sinatra the service dog came along. Sinatra is a service dog that is trained in detecting changes in blood sugar levels.

"Sinatra lets me know when my sugar is spiking or dropping. He has saved my life thousands of times," Tyler told The Dodo

Tyler McCready

Tyler is overwhelmingly grateful for Sinatra coming into his life. Before his four-legged service pal came into his life, Tyler fell victim to depression, loneliness and even considered suicide. But, then Sinatra came along and changed everything.

"As the years passed, it started to wear on me. I started getting less and less positive. But then Sinatra came and saved me from all that. He's the only friend I really need," Tyler explained to The Dodo about his life-saving furry friend. 

Tyler McCready

Tyler and Sinatra became fast friends from the moment they met several years ago. They've gone through life together hand in paw, reaching milestones along the way. The dog is even pictured in the yearbook with his human friend. 

Tyler McCready

And just the other week, Tyler and Sinatra celebrated a huge milestone together – Tyler's graduation from high school. In fact, Sinatra was even given a cap and gown to wear matching Tyler's graduation attire. The two walked out together to thunderous applause. 

Tyler McCready

Moving forward, Tyler, with Sinatra by his side, hopes to raise awareness about diabetes and help fight the war against the disease. Follow along with Tyler and Sinatra's journey to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes here


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