8 Crazy Things Dogs Can Sense

Dogs are pretty awesome, aren't they? They give people unconditional love and are some of the most loyal animals around. Not only are canines loyal and loving, they are also extremely intelligent and intuitive. Dogs are able to sense many things humans cannot. Read on to see the incredible things that dogs are able to sense!

1.) Bad Storms 


Dogs can actually detect bad weather. As a dog owner, you may have noticed your canine pal acting differently before the onset of bad weather. They may get closer to you, bark, start panting or begin pacing. Dogs have a keen sense of hearing so they can hear at significantly lower and higher frequencies than humans can. Dogs also have a sharper sense of smell – a billion times better than that of humans to be exact. With these enhanced senses, the pups can probably smell the lightning, which leaves a particular smell of ozone in the air, and hear the thunder brewing from far far away. Studies have also pointed at dogs being able to sense the drop in barometric temperature with the onset of a storm. 

2.) Cancer 

dog smells cancer

In quite a few studies, dogs, equipped with a keen sense of smell, have been shown to recognize differences between malignant tissue and normal tissue by detecting the chemicals released from the malignant tissue. Typically, when the dog will sniff an area of their human's body frequently, even obsessively, it could be a sign they detect malignant tissue. In fact, in California, one woman began to notice that her four-legged friend would sniff and lick her right breast. When the woman went to the doctors, they found breast cancer. 

3.) Low Blood Sugar Levels

service dog

Studies have shown that dogs have alerted their owners with Type 1 diabetes to low blood sugar before they themselves were able to notice their symptoms. In fact, many dogs are trained to become Diabetic Alert Dogs. These dogs are trained to detect changing glucose levels a half an hour before their handler has symptoms. Some of these dogs are also trained to help get the medical supplies for their diabetic owners. Dogs 4 Diabetics is one remarkable organization that will train and place Diabetic Alert Dogs with diabetics that need to take insulin. The organization scent-trains dogs to pick up on the chemical changes in blood sugar. 

4.) Pregnancy/Onset of Labor

pregnant woman with dog

When a woman is pregnant, her dog notices the change in body language, body shape, mood and emotions of the woman. There have been many reports of dogs sensing the onset of labor in pregnant women, as well. This could be due to a labor scent or subtle changes in the woman's behavior she doesn't notice herself. Dogs' behavior during this time includes being extremely attached to their owner. 

5.) Earthquakes


The idea that dogs can sense earthquakes before they happen is ancient. In fact, it stemmed from Greece many years ago, when Greeks would notice dogs howling before the onset of earthquakes. According to a study from Psychology Today, results point at dogs' hearing abilities allowing them to sense oncoming seismic events like earthquakes and even avalanches. In response to the sounds they hear, the animals will become anxious. 

6.) Sadness

dog cheering up owner

When you're feeling blue, do you ever notice your furry friend hanging around you more perhaps even cuddling up to you? Well, you may be on to something! Researchers have found that dogs were more likely to go up to a person crying than one who is talking. Scientists have also found that since dogs have been domesticated by humans for many thousands of years, they have adapted and since attained an ability to read the emotions of people.

7.) Seizures

seizure therapy dog

Dogs are able to detect the scent in a human's body chemistry that comes prior to and during seizures. Trained service dogs are trained to respond when the seizures occur by alerting their handlers and even comforting them.

 8.) Fear

dog nose

Dogs are great readers of body language. Therefore, they are able to pick up on someone who is afraid of them by noticing their body language. Additionally, when humans are fearful, their sweat glands will produce a certain odor and dogs can pick up on this. Hence, dogs can also smell fear. 


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