10 Paw-sitively Adorable Puppies Growing Up

In honor of National Puppy Day, check out these 10 paw-sitively adorable puppy to adult dog transformations!

1.) These three adorable best friends

Labrador Retriever puppies

Labrador Retrievers

2.) These two who went from acquaintances to best friends

Puppy Transformation

3.) This sweetheart who still sleeps with her favorite toy

Shepherd Puppy 

4.) This cutie who grew up so fast from 7 weeks to 7 months

German Shepherds

5.) This Beagle mix who turned 16 but still loves giving kisses


6.) This sweet Husky who still has the same favorite spot


7.) Still best buds after 14 years

Dog Transformation

8.) This Husky still loves to be held

Siberian Husky

9.) This Golden boy with a golden smile

Golden Retriever

10.) A decade goes by but the brotherly bond remains



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written by

Katelyn Buck