10 Hilariously Cute Costumes For National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Every January it seems like the stakes for National Dress Up Your Pet Day grow bigger and bigger. From basic dog costume ideas to elaborate doggy dress-up, this social-media-born holiday provides a special day for pet parents to celebrate their four-legged friends and show off their "paw-sonal" style.

The howl-iday started in 2009, when celebrity lifestyle pet expert, Colleen Paige sought to encourage a fun and safe new relationship between pets and their parents. Combine that with the power of the internet and social media and the rest is history.

At Paw.com we believe that few things bring as much joy to the world as a dog wearing a costume, but it’s important to make sure these outfits and costumes are safe and comfortable before your pet hits the runway.

3 Tips For A Safe Dress Up Your Pet Day:

  • Make sure your pet is comfortable and that garments fit loosely
  • Avoid elements that dangle or may be easily chewed on
  • Have the camera ready! Snap a photo and then reward your pet with a treat!

Dress Up Your Pet Day is the paw-fect opportunity to unleash your pet’s inner-fashionista! To celebrate, Paw.com compiled a list of our favorite dogs in hilariously cute costumes that’ll be sure to make your pup the life of the party!

1. This Brazilian Bombshell

(via @jazz_the_cavoodle)



2. These Grade-A Sushi Chefs

(via @sasha_and_yuna)



3. This DOG-ter ready for an operation

(via @ted.the.bordercollie)



4. These forcefully precious Star Wars pups

(via @missy_evie_cavoodles)



5. This adorable pup-tini

(via @murphy_thelabrador)



6. This doggo taco who’s cute enough to eat… but guac will cost you extra!

(via @deuce_puplife)



7. This trio ready to cast some spells

(via @2husketeers)


8. This IT- inspired duo that will have you floating on

(via @sir_captain_levi)



9. This Bob Ross doggleganger

(via @baguette_the_frenchie)


10. And this hipster pup who prefers her treats vegan and GMO-free

(via @bloodygumgirl)


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written by

Samantha Thompson